Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FileMaker Recovery If You Do Not Safeguard Database

FileMaker is a flagship relational database management system, which is available for Mac OS X operating system. It has integrated database with GUI that provides easy access and advanced functionality. It saves your significant data in a reliable database and offer advanced data safety. However, under some situations, you may encounter some errors that indicate database corruption and you have to go for FileMaker recovery solutions to get your data back. 

Database corruption is a bitter truth that causes severe data loss. Nevertheless the size of the database, version of the FileMaker and platform on which you are running it, corruptions happens and cause critical problems. However, you can avoid it up to some extent using some basic precautions, such as the following ones:
  • Stop OS Level File Sharing- In some organizations, where FileMaker Pro Server is not in use or not in practice, some administrators enable database sharing on the File server. It can damage the database and should be taken into practice. You should either run the shared database from your local hard drive or FileMaker Pro Server. 
  • Manage the Modifications-You should not provide full access to all the users who are updating or modifying the database. Administrator should also restrict the number of fields editable by the users. Enabling the log generation is also important for all the programming changes.
  • Save Information- In case database crashes while modifying the field and cursor moving out of modified field, then the change is not recorded. Database may also lose other recent changes. You must click outside the field or tab to another field to ensure that changes are saved.
  • Create Duplicate Copies- Creating backup is the most significant solution to prevent database corruption and data loss. You should keep it in your habit to backup your database. You can even use some third-party applications to schedule the backup.
In case you do not take the above FileMaker Prorecovery measures and encounter database corruption, you can try the below solutions to sort out the problem:
  • FileMaker has an inbuilt recovery option that can help you sort out a number of database corruption issues. In the most recent versions of the application, the feature has become very advanced. You can use this feature by create a clone of the database.
  • Inbuilt recovery feature cannot handle severe corruption issues and thus you need to go for third-party recovery applications.
The database recovery tools are capable of handling all types of database corruption issues easily and safely. Such utilities restore all the database objects quickly and effectively.