Saturday, September 21, 2013

Entourage Repair to Fix Database Corruption Post Exchange Rebuild

Entourage database corruption can happen any time, even in a client meeting, which is the worst situation. There are several reasons of Entourage database corruption, such as virus infection, application malfunction, improper system shutdown, and other similar reasons. In order to deal with such critical issues, you need to use Entourage recovery solutions to get your critical data back.

Consider the below mentioned situations, which you may face any point of time in your life, even in business-critical meetings:
  • Your Entourage database gets damaged and becomes inaccessible.
  • You are connected to the Exchange Server and Rebuild the database using Database Utility.
  • After you reboot the system, Entourage downloads and installs some updates.
  • When you try to access your data from Exchange Server, the database seems empty.

In such cases, Entourage database repair becomes need of the hour.

You can sort out this problem using the below mentioned steps:
  • You are not recommended to rebuild an Exchange Server account. Microsoft says it can severely damage the database and may make your precious data totally inaccessible.
  • In case you have to rebuild the database to retrieve data under “On My Computer” folders, you have to first delete the Exchange account and then rebuild the Identity using Database Utility.
  • To make sure that rebuilding process completes successfully, you must have two or three times more free space than total size of the database. If hard drive space is not available, the rebuild process fails.
  • If rebuild does not help, you have to move your data to a new Entourage Identity. However, if the database is severely damaged, then you cannot move the data to the new Identity.

The last resort to fix this problem is to use third-party recovery application to extract inaccessible data. Such applications are best suitable for all types of database corruption issues. They use high-end recovery algorithms to ensure absolute, safe, and easy recovery of all your precious emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and more.