Thursday, November 15, 2012

Entourage Repair When Personal Folders Becomes Inaccessible Post Corruption

Microsoft Entourage is the most significant and popular E-mail client and personal information manager for Mac OS X operating system based computers. This is part of MS Office for Mac Suite of products and is available only for Mac OS X operating system. The application lets you effectively manage your significant data, by creating personal folders. However, there are some situations where database corruption makes the personal folders inaccessible and you encounter severe data loss. In order to solve this issue, you have to opt for Entourage database recovery solutions.

As an example of personal folder issue with Microsoft Entourage, consider the below mentioned circumstances that you may encounter while working with Entourage:

  • You have created different Personal Folders to arrange the E-mail items in your Entourage account.

  • When you receive an E-mail, you try to move the same to a particular Personal Folder.

  • The process does not complete and you cannot move the Mail item to the folder.

  • Entourage freezes and crashes when you try to open the personal folders.

This situation happens due to corruption to the Entourage database and you are required to use Entourage database repair mechanisms to come out of it.

How to sort out this problem?

  • Create a new Identity- This problem can be related to the corrupt Entourage Identity. Create a New Identity and move some of the E-mail items from old Identity to the new one, by dragging them to Desktop as .eml files. Switch to the new Identity to check if it lets you move the data to personal folders.

  • Create a new user- If the above method does not solve your problem, then it can be due to a faulty user account. Create a new user in the Accounts and switch to the new user. Try dragging the file in new user account to see if the problem is fixed. In case it fixes the issue, then the problem is related to your User Account.

  • Restore data from backup-If both the above methods fail to work, then you need to create a new account and restore all your data from an updated backup.

If backup is not in place, then you need to use advanced Entourage repair software to work around the issue. Such tools are capable of efficiently extracting all your valuable data from damaged database.

Monday, November 5, 2012

FileMaker Recovery If Consistency Check Reports Corruption Errors

FileMaker is an advanced and efficient relational database management system to effectively store and manage your precious data. This is very easy to use and manage. FileMaker database is extremely secure and reliable. The FileMaker Pro application provides you an option to check the consistency of the database, which ensures absolute data safety. However, under some situations, the database may get damaged and you need to go for FileMaker Pro recovery solutions to get your significant data back. 

FileMaker Consistency check is a process to make sure that your database is perfectly running. This check is performed in certain circumstances, which include the following ones:

  • FileMaker database or the application was not closed properly. Improper shutdown can be due to power failure, hardware failure, or user error.

  • The database was created using an earlier version of FileMaker, such as FileMaker 7 or older, and you are opening in FileMaker 9 or later versions.

  • The FileMaker Pro 9 or later versions perform the database consistency check in the backup routine, if this feature is enabled by the user.

  • The database is damaged and the application is unable to read its contents. It logs the information or details in event log.

Consistency check feature tells you about the problems in the database. However, it cannot correct the problems with the database. So, if your database is corrupted, you need to use Mac FileMaker recovery solutions. 

In order to repair a damaged FileMaker database, consider using the below methods:

  • Restore the database from an updated and validated backup. In order to ensure absolute recovery, you must ensure that the backup is fully updated.

  • Export the contents of the database and then import the same to a new and blank database. It bypasses the database structure related corruption and retrieves your data.

  • If the above method does not help, you need to use efficient recovery applications to repair and restore corrupted database.
The commercial recovery tools help you get all your data back with ease and safety. They do not demand sound technical skills and thus offer simple recovery of your data. Such tools use high-end scanning techniques to ensure complete recovery of all the database objects.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

PSD Repair to Fix “Unexpected End of File” Error

Photoshop is a very popular and widely accepted designing application, developed and marketed by Adobe. There are various versions of this application available in the market. Whenever, Adobe launches a newer version of the application, it has some added features and enhancements. However, sometimes, upgrading to the newer version can lead to PSD file corruption from the previous versions. Such issues cause data loss and you have to repair PSD file to work around the issue.

As an example of this problem, consider a situation where you may experience the below mentioned scenarios while working with Adobe Photoshop:
  • You upgrade to latest version of Adobe Photoshop, which is Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  • You start getting an error while opening the files. The error states:
    "Could not complete your request (to open the file) because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered."
  • When you get this error message, the significant design files become inaccessible.
In order to work around such issues, you need to fix PSD file using efficient solutions.

How to Prevent “End of File” Error?

Unexpected End of File is a critical error message, which indicates errors with the PSD file. You can prevent these conditions using the below steps:
  • Do not reset the file saving process. It may lead to incomplete writing of the file on the disk. 
  •  Do not close the Photoshop application or reboot your system while reading data from or writing data to the hard drive.
  • Perform frequent defrag on the hard drive and keep the disk clean and in working condition.
  • Make sure that hard drive is not completely full and does not have any bad sectors or error blocks.
Above steps help you prevent the End of File error. However, if you do not take these steps or get errors even after taking these steps, you need to opt for third-party file repair applications.

The commercial recovery applications are particularly developed to repair and restore the damaged Adobe Photoshop design files. Such tools offer absolute recovery of all your significant data using high-end recovery algorithms.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Entourage Database Repair If it Becomes Inaccessible After Installing Updates

Microsoft Entourage is a very popular application for Office as well as home users. It is part of Microsoft Office for Mac suite of application, developed by Microsoft for Mac OS X operating system. However, in current version of Office for Mac, Microsoft has replaced Entourage with Outlook, but it is still used by many users worldwide. Microsoft still provides updates, which enable you to keep your application updated and avoid needs of Entourage repair solutions. 

Sometimes after installing the updates to Microsoft Entourage, you might find that the application is not working properly. Entourage may even refuse to open. It gives you the following error message when you try to start the E-mail client:

“An older version of the Microsoft Database Daemon is running. To open Entourage, first delete the daemon from the Startup items, and then restart the computer. For more information, see Mac OS Help.”

When you launch any other Office applications, like Word for Mac, you get another error message that states:

“An unexpected error occurred while trying to load the Microsoft Framework Library.”

When it happens, all your significant Entourage data becomes unusable. At this point, you are required to use an advanced Entourage recovery method to get your E-mails, contacts, and other Entourage data back.


You may run across this issue if any of the below mentioned conditions are true:
  • You have not restarted the Office Applications after installing the updates.
  • The update was not installed successfully and thus the application is not working.
  • Microsoft Entourage database is severely damaged and Entourage cannot read it.

You can try fixing this update issue using any of the below mentioned steps:
  • Close all Office for Mac applications and restart your Macintosh machine. It will close the existing Daemon and update it.
  • Download the updates manually from Microsoft Website and install them. In some cases, Automatic updates may not install properly.
  • Repair the corrupted Entourage database with the help of inbuilt Database Utility. It rebuilds the database and makes it accessible.
If you do not succeed to fix the problem using any of the above methods, then you have to use Entourage repair software to get your data back. The applications offer you the best possible recovery of your precious Entourage data in all corruption scenarios.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FileMaker Recovery- Step by Step Guide to Recover FileMaker Database

FileMaker is a relatively advanced and reliable Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), which makes the database management process pretty simple. This is the best and proven database management solution for small and medium businesses. However, there are some situations, where you may discover that your database is damaged and it is no longer accessible. In order to read with such cases, FileMaker offers you the FileMaker recovery solution.

FileMaker Pro comes equipped with a recovery method, which is very simple and easy. The steps of the FileMaker Pro recovery process are as given below:
1.     Open corrupted FileMaker database and create a new database to store data blocks, which will be copied from corrupted database.
2.     FileMaker resets logical EOF (End of File) in corrupted database equal to physical EOF. Then it starts copying every block of corrupted database to new database.
3.     Once the copy process completes, FileMaker checks all the data blocks for validating the internal structure.
4.     In case it finds any problem with the data block, the block is repaired.
5.     After repairing the damaged data blocks, FileMaker validates every record in new database. It checks header information of each data record.
6.     When all the fields are validated, FileMaker checks them against master list of the existing database fields. If any field is not available in the master list, it adds a key to the new list.
7.     After validating all the data records, FileMaker application validates every layout of the database. It starts with replacing the current size, styles, and fonts with defaults.
8.     Every database layout is checked for consistency. It makes sure that each layout has a valid name, size, options, and object list.
9.     When each layout is validated, then FileMaker validates all the field definition.
10. After validating the field definition, FileMaker performs validation on the scripts. It validates all the scripts in the database.
11. After checking all the database objects, the application rebuilds the index or inverted list. Then it removes the existing index and fetches all the records.
12. Finally FileMaker frees up the unused space in the file and asks you to reboot the system.
When you restart the system and then FileMaker application, it comes up with a new and corruption free database.
This solution works in most of the corruption scenarios. However, if you fail to fix the problem using this method, you need to opt for FileMaker database recovery solution. It is best possible using third-party recovery applications, which are safe and easy to use.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Entourage Database Recovery to Fix Rules File Corruption

Microsoft Entourage is an efficient and widely accepted personal information manager and E-mail client for Mac OS X operating system. It is considered as very reliable as compared to other popular mail applications as it saves your significant data in a database. However, there are some situations where you may find that the application crashes frequently and does not let you access your data. In such cases, you have to fix the problem to perform Entourage repair and access your critical data.
Go through the below scenarios to demonstrate this problem with your MS Entourage application:
  • The application crashes when you try to start it. Even if it was closed properly last time.
  • When you try to restart Entourage, after sending crash report to Microsoft, you encounter the below error message:
  • The Rules file appears corrupt. Rules cannot be used.
  • You go to message board and follow the instructions to restore Entourage by moving main identity to desktop and retrying.
  • You should not remove the Identity in such cases. If you remove the Identity, you may find that Entourage opens a blank identity.
When it happens, all your significant data becomes inaccessible. This situation leads to severe data loss and put you in need of advanced Entourage recovery solutions. 
The problem may occur due to any of the following reasons:
  • Rules file is damaged and Entourage is unable to read the Rules.
  • Main Identity or database is not in the MUD or Microsoft User Data folder. Entourage expects the database to be in MUD folder.
  • Entourage database is severely damaged and thus it is unreadable by the application.
Follow the below described solutions to sort out this problem:

  • Remove the rules file of your Entourage application and then restart the application. Create new Rules after you start the application again.
  • Make sure your database is in the MUD folder. If it is not there, then find the database and move it to proper location.
  • Use Database Utility to Rebuild the database. It makes your database accessible in most of the cases and lets you create backup of your data.
  • If nothing else works, then you have to opt for commercial recovery tools. 
Such tools are capable of efficiently repairing and restoring all your data in all cases of corruption. They do not demand sound technical skills and ensure absolute recovery of all the database objects.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Entourage Repair to Resolve “Could not open that feature” Error

Microsoft Entourage, like other E-mail clients, provides you an option to create events and set notifications or reminders for them. It ensures that you will not miss any event. In order to provide you this feature, MS Entourage creates Microsoft Database Daemon. The Daemon enables Reminder feature to work even if the Microsoft Office for Mac applications are not open. However, there are some situations where Daemon may crash and make your database completely inaccessible. In order to deal with such issues, you need to opt for effective Entourage repair solutions.
Sometimes you may find some unusual behavior of Microsoft Entourage application due to Database Daemon crash. Consider the below scenarios to understand this situation:
·       Entourage frequently crashes and does not let you access your significant mails and other data.
·       When you try to access Inbox, Deleted Items, and Sent items folder, you encounter the following error message:
“Could not open that feature”
·       You may also encounter the further error message that states:
“The end of file was reached”
After the above error message, your database becomes inaccessible and you run across severe data loss problems. In order to gain access of your significant data, you need to opt for efficient Entourage recovery methods.
Entourage may start facing this problem due to any of the following reasons:
·       The Database Daemon has either quit or crashed. It may crash due to application malfunction or system failure like situations.
·       Database Daemon has damaged and thus it is not performing its intended operations properly.
·       Entourage database is severely damaged and the application is unable to read the database and access data from it.
Following methods may help you work around this problem and get your data back:
·       Select all the processes in the Activity Monitor and type daemon. It will show you the Microsoft Database Daemon. Close it either normally or using Force Quit, if required.
·       Delete all the instances of Microsoft Database Daemon from Startup Items under Accounts in System Preferences.
·       Rebuild the database using Database Utility. It can fix some sort of corruption issues and make your database accessible.
·       Repair and restore the damaged Entourage database using efficient and advanced third-party recovery applications.
You can use these applications as a last resort your get your valuable data back. Such tools offer easy and effective recovery for all the database objects in all corruption situations.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Recover Entourage Database with Database Utility

Microsoft Entourage Information Store is a component of the application that stores all your critical data, including mails, contacts, notes, tasks, and more. Size of the store continuously grows up as you receive or send emails and add other data. When you remove or add messages, tasks, notes, appointments, and other data to the database, it may develop wasted space. Such issues can sometimes even cause database corruption and require Entourage recovery solutions to be resolved. 

There are a number of database inconsistencies may occur out of various database conditions. You may notice some symptoms of a situation where you need to use Database Utility to fix a number of issues. It is an inbuilt tool of Office for Mac application suite that helps your work around various common issues with Entourage database. 

It is very easy to use Database Utility and Entourage repair on your database. In order to use the tool, go through the below steps:
  • Start Entourage by holding down the OPTION key. It opens the Database Utility windows.
  • You can select the Identity that you want to fix on this screen. The window also shows you following four options. You can choose any of them as per your requirement or situation:
o   Verify Database Integrity- This is the first option on the screen that helps you detect the database corruption. If you scan the database using this option and corruption is detected, you can rebuild the database. In case there are no issues with the database, then you need not to rebuild.
o   Compact Database- When you remove some objects from the database, it develops wasted space. You can compact the database and backup database using this option. It helps you recover some database space.
o   Rebuild Database- This option can be used to repair the database, compact it, and backup database. It makes necessary repairs to Entourage database and makes it accessible.
o   Set Database Preferences- The last option lets you set or modify the database preferences. You can control them as per your needs and system setup. 

The Database Utility works in a number of situations and extracts your precious data effectively. However, it cannot handle all types of corruption situations, specifically the critical ones, and your data may remain inaccessible. In such cases, you are required to opt for third-party recovery options, such as Entourage recovery software. The tools are capable of extracting inaccessible or missing data from corrupted database in all corruption situations.