Monday, June 4, 2012

Recover Entourage Database with Database Utility

Microsoft Entourage Information Store is a component of the application that stores all your critical data, including mails, contacts, notes, tasks, and more. Size of the store continuously grows up as you receive or send emails and add other data. When you remove or add messages, tasks, notes, appointments, and other data to the database, it may develop wasted space. Such issues can sometimes even cause database corruption and require Entourage recovery solutions to be resolved. 

There are a number of database inconsistencies may occur out of various database conditions. You may notice some symptoms of a situation where you need to use Database Utility to fix a number of issues. It is an inbuilt tool of Office for Mac application suite that helps your work around various common issues with Entourage database. 

It is very easy to use Database Utility and Entourage repair on your database. In order to use the tool, go through the below steps:
  • Start Entourage by holding down the OPTION key. It opens the Database Utility windows.
  • You can select the Identity that you want to fix on this screen. The window also shows you following four options. You can choose any of them as per your requirement or situation:
o   Verify Database Integrity- This is the first option on the screen that helps you detect the database corruption. If you scan the database using this option and corruption is detected, you can rebuild the database. In case there are no issues with the database, then you need not to rebuild.
o   Compact Database- When you remove some objects from the database, it develops wasted space. You can compact the database and backup database using this option. It helps you recover some database space.
o   Rebuild Database- This option can be used to repair the database, compact it, and backup database. It makes necessary repairs to Entourage database and makes it accessible.
o   Set Database Preferences- The last option lets you set or modify the database preferences. You can control them as per your needs and system setup. 

The Database Utility works in a number of situations and extracts your precious data effectively. However, it cannot handle all types of corruption situations, specifically the critical ones, and your data may remain inaccessible. In such cases, you are required to opt for third-party recovery options, such as Entourage recovery software. The tools are capable of extracting inaccessible or missing data from corrupted database in all corruption situations.

Friday, June 1, 2012

FileMaker Recovery If Multi File Database Approach Does Not Work

As a computer user, you must know the importance and need of a valid backup. It is the best possible solution to safeguard your significant data against data loss. However, there are some situations, where you may find that backup is too big to restore. This problem usually occurs with the database, like FileMaker. In such situations, corruption can cause data loss and you have to opt for alternate FileMaker recovery solutions. 

Consider the following scenarios, which you may run across while working on your FileMaker database, to properly understand the situation:
  •  You discover that your FileMaker database is damaged and it behaves strangely while accessing the data.
  • The database has a number of scripts that you are unable to delete. Every time you try to remove the scripts, the below error occurs:
o   “Script cannot be found”
  • You tried to restore the database from backup, but it takes very long time and process does not complete.
When it happens, you cannot access the database, not even from backup. Such issues lead to severe data loss and require FileMaker recovery Mac solutions to be fixed. 


You can try out the following solutions to fix this problem:
  • Split the FileMaker database file in several files. It is basically the best possible solution to deal with large databases. You can split the file and then create relationship between different parts of the files. However, this solution may make your database very complex as you need to maintain and remember the relationships between different files and tables.
  • If you suspect that the multi file approach with cause complexity in the database structure, then you can think of separation mode as a solution. In this design process of FileMaker database, you can keep all your user programming data in one file and all tables, including data, in one file. By using scripting and advanced relationship design, you can make the user feel that both files are being access from one engine.
  • Import the Data Source Tables in a new database and then recreate the indexes. It sometimes fixes the corruption and can also be very quick. Although, there is a bit risk that corruption may carry with the tables that you import, but you can later remove or recreate the affected tables.
If the above method does not help you work around the problem, then you have to opt for advanced third-party recovery applications. Such tools are designed to help you repair and restore corrupted databases of all sizes.