Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entourage Repair If Messages Do Not Download Attachments

Microsoft Entourage allows you to send files, such as documents, pictures, database, and emails, as attachments. Such files, attachments, contain significant information and contain business sensitive data. However, there are some situations, where you may find that the attachments are not accessible. It causes severe data loss and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

You may demonstrate this problem with the below mentioned scenarios, which occurs when you try to open attachments in MS Entourage:
  • When you try access your significant attachments, you encounter the following error message:This message has been partially downloaded. Get entire message.”
  •  Although the email is downloaded partially, but all the attachments in your Entourage account are gray and cannot be previewed or opened.
  •  The above message always has the “Get entire message” but that does not work. The message cannot be downloaded after spinning loading indicator is done.
  •  This problem does not affect Web Access and you can open attachments there.
  •  The problem occurs with all sizes of attachments.

When it happens, you face serious data loss and you need to opt for Entourage database recovery solutions.
This problem frequently occurs due to the below mentioned reasons:
  • Microsoft Entourage and Microsoft Office preferences are corrupted and thus Entourage is unable to access the files.
  • The Entourage database is severely corrupted and cannot be read by the application. Database may get damaged due to various reasons, such as application malfunction, improper system shutdown, virus infection, and user errors.

You can try the following solutions to sort out this problem:
  • Remove Entourage and Office preferences to see if the problem is caused by damaged preferences.
  • Restore database from the most updated backup. In order to ensure absolute recovery, the backup must be the most recent one.
  • Use Database Utility to fix the database corruption issue. It is an inbuilt tool of Microsoft Office that helps you repair corrupted database.
  • Repair and restore damaged database using the third-party recovery software.

Such tools are capable of extracting damaged data from the database. They use high-end recovery techniques to ensure absolute recovery of your precious data.