Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Entourage Database Recovery to Fix Rules File Corruption

Microsoft Entourage is an efficient and widely accepted personal information manager and E-mail client for Mac OS X operating system. It is considered as very reliable as compared to other popular mail applications as it saves your significant data in a database. However, there are some situations where you may find that the application crashes frequently and does not let you access your data. In such cases, you have to fix the problem to perform Entourage repair and access your critical data.
Go through the below scenarios to demonstrate this problem with your MS Entourage application:
  • The application crashes when you try to start it. Even if it was closed properly last time.
  • When you try to restart Entourage, after sending crash report to Microsoft, you encounter the below error message:
  • The Rules file appears corrupt. Rules cannot be used.
  • You go to message board and follow the instructions to restore Entourage by moving main identity to desktop and retrying.
  • You should not remove the Identity in such cases. If you remove the Identity, you may find that Entourage opens a blank identity.
When it happens, all your significant data becomes inaccessible. This situation leads to severe data loss and put you in need of advanced Entourage recovery solutions. 
The problem may occur due to any of the following reasons:
  • Rules file is damaged and Entourage is unable to read the Rules.
  • Main Identity or database is not in the MUD or Microsoft User Data folder. Entourage expects the database to be in MUD folder.
  • Entourage database is severely damaged and thus it is unreadable by the application.
Follow the below described solutions to sort out this problem:

  • Remove the rules file of your Entourage application and then restart the application. Create new Rules after you start the application again.
  • Make sure your database is in the MUD folder. If it is not there, then find the database and move it to proper location.
  • Use Database Utility to Rebuild the database. It makes your database accessible in most of the cases and lets you create backup of your data.
  • If nothing else works, then you have to opt for commercial recovery tools. 
Such tools are capable of efficiently repairing and restoring all your data in all cases of corruption. They do not demand sound technical skills and ensure absolute recovery of all the database objects.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Entourage Repair to Resolve “Could not open that feature” Error

Microsoft Entourage, like other E-mail clients, provides you an option to create events and set notifications or reminders for them. It ensures that you will not miss any event. In order to provide you this feature, MS Entourage creates Microsoft Database Daemon. The Daemon enables Reminder feature to work even if the Microsoft Office for Mac applications are not open. However, there are some situations where Daemon may crash and make your database completely inaccessible. In order to deal with such issues, you need to opt for effective Entourage repair solutions.
Sometimes you may find some unusual behavior of Microsoft Entourage application due to Database Daemon crash. Consider the below scenarios to understand this situation:
·       Entourage frequently crashes and does not let you access your significant mails and other data.
·       When you try to access Inbox, Deleted Items, and Sent items folder, you encounter the following error message:
“Could not open that feature”
·       You may also encounter the further error message that states:
“The end of file was reached”
After the above error message, your database becomes inaccessible and you run across severe data loss problems. In order to gain access of your significant data, you need to opt for efficient Entourage recovery methods.
Entourage may start facing this problem due to any of the following reasons:
·       The Database Daemon has either quit or crashed. It may crash due to application malfunction or system failure like situations.
·       Database Daemon has damaged and thus it is not performing its intended operations properly.
·       Entourage database is severely damaged and the application is unable to read the database and access data from it.
Following methods may help you work around this problem and get your data back:
·       Select all the processes in the Activity Monitor and type daemon. It will show you the Microsoft Database Daemon. Close it either normally or using Force Quit, if required.
·       Delete all the instances of Microsoft Database Daemon from Startup Items under Accounts in System Preferences.
·       Rebuild the database using Database Utility. It can fix some sort of corruption issues and make your database accessible.
·       Repair and restore the damaged Entourage database using efficient and advanced third-party recovery applications.
You can use these applications as a last resort your get your valuable data back. Such tools offer easy and effective recovery for all the database objects in all corruption situations.