Thursday, April 26, 2012

Entourage Recovery If it Crashes While Opening Deleted Items Folder

Does Microsoft Entourage E-mail client crashes every time you try to open ‘Deleted Items’ folder? Do you have some mails or messages in this folder, which remains invisible and unread? Such behaviors of the application indicate that you have some damaged or faulty messages in the Deleted Items folder and they are causing this problem. You are required to opt for efficient Entourage repair solutions for working around such problems.

To thoroughly understand the problem with your significant mails, contacts, notes, and other database objects, consider the below mentioned scenarios:
  • Every time you open Entourage, it shows some unread messages in the ‘Deleted Items’ folder.
  • When you try to open the folder, to remove these items, the application crashes and you have to force quit it. 
  • You attempted to empty this folder by using Tools-> Run Schedule-> Empty Deleted Items Folder option, but it does not help.
  • Sometimes E-mail client crashes even if you do not try to open the folder.
This behavior of the applications makes your valuable data inaccessible. At this stage, it becomes very critical to sort out this problem using appropriate Entourage recovery solutions. 


Try out the below defined steps to fix application crash and database corruption/inaccessibility problem with MS Entourage:
  • First of all, turn off Entourage mail Preview Pane.  You can do it from View menu.
  • Select the affected E-mail or all the E-mails in Deleted Items folder and delete them.
  • If Entourage is still crashing when you try to open then folder, then you need to rebuild the Identity using Database Utility.
  • Rebuilding the Identity needs lots of disk space, so before you start, you must ensure that you have plenty of free disk space.
  • Database rebuilding actually makes the database accessible, so that you can backup it and then restore the data from backup. However, it does not essentially work in all situations.
  • If you fail to fix the problem using above solutions, then you need to opt for specialized recovery applications.
Such tools are capable of retrieving inaccessible data from damaged Entourage database using advanced recovery algorithms. They offer Do It Yourself recovery and retrieve all the database objects, such as mails, notes, tasks, contacts, and more.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Entourage Repair to Fix Database Corruption Due to Font Issues

Microsoft Entourage has a very rich library that allows you to format your mails very easily. It supports a wide range of fonts and you can give your mail a personal touch by using the font of your choice. The formatting options in Entourage mail are very wide and thus you can draft a very nice mail easily. However, under some situations, you may face font issues with Entourage and sometimes may not access your mails. In such cases, you have to use Entourage repair solutions to sort out the problem.
As an example of such problems with MS Entourage E-mail client, consider the following scenarios that you may face while accessing your mails or using the application:
·         When you start Entourage, it greets you with the following message:
Microsoft Entourage wants to use the font <font name> on the volume <volume name>.”
·         The message pops up every time you start Entourage and log into the application. The message also comes while reading some e-mails that are using the particular font.
·         You click the “Reset Confirmation Dialogs” option in Notification in Entourage section of Preferences.
·         You disabled the “Automatic font activation” option as well as “Alert me if system fonts change” option in Mac OS X Font Book.
·         You have removed all the font caches and the problem is still there.
·         Entourage does not display or open the mail if it is using the problematic font for which it is giving you error.
In such cases, your significant data becomes inaccessible and data loss situations take place. In order to recover Entourage database in such cases, you have to opt for appropriate solutions
Try out the below Entourage database recovery steps to fix the problem:
·         Drag your Entourage Identity to shared folder.
·         Create a new user.
·         Open MS Entourage in New User and check if the problem repeats.
·         Drag the Identity to MUD folder of new user and see if it asks for the font.
If the problem is fixed using the above steps, then it was caused by a faulty user account. If it remains intact, then it is due to database corruption and you need to opt for Entourage recovery software to sort out the problem.