Monday, October 28, 2013

Entourage Repair for Corrupt Exchange Server-based Account

Microsoft Entourage works great with Exchange Server. It is one of the best combinations of a mail server and mail client software. You can easily access and effectively manage all your significant emails, notes, contacts, tasks, and other items in Exchange Server account using Entourage. However, there are some situations, where Entourage database may get damaged and put you in need of Entourage recovery solutions.

There are various reasons of the database corruption in MS Entourage. The following list provides some of the most frequent causes:
  1. You have accidently removed the important database or application files.
  2. The Entourage application has quit unexpectedly due to power failure or any other reason.
  3. Your Mac OS X operating system based computer has crashed and it has affected the application.
  4. There are some issues with the Microsoft Office Database Daemon, which is the most important component of the database.
  5. Viruses, malware, and other malicious applications have affected the database, which may cause severe damage. 
  6. You have accidently rebuild an Exchange Server database, which is not recommended and leads to corruption.
  7. You have included Entourage database in the Time Machine backup, which can damage the database if the application is writing to the database when backup is in progress.
When you encounter corruption with Microsoft Exchange Server based Entourage account, you should not worry about the data loss. You can repair Entourage database very easily in such cases.

Follow the steps to get your significant data back in such cases:
  1. Remove the account from Entourage and force quit the application.
  2. Remove the mail database from the finder.
  3. Restart Entourage application and configure your account.
  4. Wait for the Entourage to download all your emails, tasks, notes, and other information from the mail server. 
This method works in most of the corruption scenarios. However, you cannot use it with non-Exchange Server account. If you are facing corruption issue with a POP account, then you should go for third-party recovery tools, which are particularly designed to repair and restore corrupt database. They offer simple, quick, and absolute recovery of all database objects.