Monday, November 5, 2012

FileMaker Recovery If Consistency Check Reports Corruption Errors

FileMaker is an advanced and efficient relational database management system to effectively store and manage your precious data. This is very easy to use and manage. FileMaker database is extremely secure and reliable. The FileMaker Pro application provides you an option to check the consistency of the database, which ensures absolute data safety. However, under some situations, the database may get damaged and you need to go for FileMaker Pro recovery solutions to get your significant data back. 

FileMaker Consistency check is a process to make sure that your database is perfectly running. This check is performed in certain circumstances, which include the following ones:

  • FileMaker database or the application was not closed properly. Improper shutdown can be due to power failure, hardware failure, or user error.

  • The database was created using an earlier version of FileMaker, such as FileMaker 7 or older, and you are opening in FileMaker 9 or later versions.

  • The FileMaker Pro 9 or later versions perform the database consistency check in the backup routine, if this feature is enabled by the user.

  • The database is damaged and the application is unable to read its contents. It logs the information or details in event log.

Consistency check feature tells you about the problems in the database. However, it cannot correct the problems with the database. So, if your database is corrupted, you need to use Mac FileMaker recovery solutions. 

In order to repair a damaged FileMaker database, consider using the below methods:

  • Restore the database from an updated and validated backup. In order to ensure absolute recovery, you must ensure that the backup is fully updated.

  • Export the contents of the database and then import the same to a new and blank database. It bypasses the database structure related corruption and retrieves your data.

  • If the above method does not help, you need to use efficient recovery applications to repair and restore corrupted database.
The commercial recovery tools help you get all your data back with ease and safety. They do not demand sound technical skills and thus offer simple recovery of your data. Such tools use high-end scanning techniques to ensure complete recovery of all the database objects.

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