Monday, January 14, 2013

Entourage Repair If The Application Creates Folder For Each Received Email

Microsoft Entourage is a useful and advanced e-mail client, developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation for Apple Mac OS X computers. It manages and organizes your significant data in different folders and enables you to create new folders, as per your needs. However, there are some situations, where it may behave strangely and create a new inbox for every email item that you receive. This problem usually caused by damaged database, which eventually needs Entourage database repair solutions.

Consider the below mentioned scenarios that you may encounter or come across while working on Microsoft Entourage:

  • Whenever you receive a new email in Microsoft Entourage, it creates a new inbox based on subject header of message.
  • You cannot find any email in the newly created folder. This is an empty folder, which you can delete.
  • You have not created any rules or mailing list managers in the application. The problem persists even after deleting the rules folder.
  • When you attempt to fix the problem using the Database Utility tool, it does not give any errors.
This behavior leads to a lot of problems. In order to work around such issues, you need to opt for efficient Entourage database recovery mechanisms.

How to Fix this Issue?

You can try resolving this problem by using the following methods:

  • Export your Entourage database to RGE file. If the process is successful, then you can create a new account and import your data to new database.
  • If you get the following error message while exporting the database to RGE file, then you need to restore the database from backup:“There was a problem saving one of your messages. Your Office database may be damaged. Start the Database Utility to verify your database.”
  • If you have not updated the backup and it is not validated, then you need to opt for effective third-party recovery tools.

Such applications are particularly designed to repair and restore severely corrupted MS Entourage database. They ensure absolute recovery of all your precious data, which includes emails, tasks, notes, contacts, project files, and attachments. The recovery mechanism of these tools is remarkably easy and safe. 

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