Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Entourage Database Repair If Application Stops Responding at Startup

In today’s fast faced computer and technology world, fast processing of information has become very important. Due to the importance of time, E-mails have become very popular way of communication. In order to manage your E-mails and other personal information, you need a E-mail client like Microsoft Entourage. However, there are some situations where you may find that your Entourage database is inaccessible due to corruption and you have to opt for Entourage repair solutions.

You can demonstrate such problems with your Microsoft Entourage account using the below mentioned scenarios:

  • When you start Microsoft Entourage application and try to access your significant data, it freezes and stops responding. 
  • Entourage does not respond for a long time and you see a spinning wheel that prevents you from accessing the data. 
  • Sometimes you see gray parts in your Inbox and other folders, which make some mails unusable and you get error while opening them. 

All this happens due to corruption and need Entourage recovery solutions to be sorted out.


In order to work around such problems and get your significant data back, you need to go through the below mentioned steps:

  • Press and hold the SHIFT key while opening Entourage. It shows all the mails in Outbox folder. Clear all the mails and restart Entourage application. 
  • If the previous step does not fix the problem, then you should remove the Entourage preferences and restart the application. Corrupted preferences may cause Entourage to behave strangely. 
  • Entourage stores all its data in the MUD folder. Rename this folder and then launch the application to see if it works fine. If the application starts properly, then problem is with the database. 
  • If database problem is detected, then you have to opt for efficient recovery mechanisms to repair and restore the corrupted database. 

You can easily recover all your database objects using the specialized recovery applications. Such tools are capable of extracting your emails, notes, tasks, contacts, and other data using high-end recovery algorithms. The recovery process of such tools is very quick, safe, and easy.

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