Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entourage Recovery to Avoid Catastrophic Database Corruption

Database corruption is the biggest nightmare that an Entourage user could ever face. This is the most frequent issue that any MS Entourage user can face while managing your personal information, access database items, or starting the application. The corruption can usually be identified by various symptoms, such as improper message display, error message, wrong sorting, and odd behavior. All such issues require Entourage database repair solutions to be applied.

When you come across the database corruption symptoms, it is advised to stop using the application immediately to avoid further corruption. The very first step that you should take is to close the application and use Database Utility to Rebuild the database. Rebuilding is a mechanism to fix minor corruption issues with the database and make it accessible to create backup of the database and run maintenance. Please note that rebuilding is not an effective Entourage repair mechanism.

In order to avoid serious corruption issues with the database, you can set a warning that Entourage gives when corruption is detect. Follow the below mentioned steps to enable database corruption warning in Entourage:
  • Hold down the Option key while starting Microsoft Entourage. It launches Database Utility tool. You can also start Database Utility directly from /Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/ directory.
  • If Database Utility prompts, allow it to close all open MS Office applications.
  • Once the utility is started, select the affected Entourage Identity from the list of Identities on the top.
  • Choose “Set Database Preferences” option and click Continue button.
  • Click to check “Perform database integrity check in background,” and click Save button.

When you receive any warning messages from Entourage, you should immediately rebuild the database to avoid further corruption.

In case database is inaccessible and you are unable to open the application, you need to opt for effective third-party recovery applications. Such tools come equipped with high-end recovery techniques to ensure absolute recovery of your precious data. 

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