Thursday, June 13, 2013

JPEG Repair to Restore Inaccessible Pictures

Are you unable to access your JPEG or JPG files from your Windows computer? Is your system giving you errors while opening the image files? This is a very common problem, which usually occurs due to incorrect system settings, incompatible application, or JPEG file corruption. If the problem is due to system settings or incompatible application, you can fix it in simple steps. However, if the problem is caused by corruption, then you have to opt for JPEG file repair solutions.

As a real life example of this problem with the JPG or JPEG files, consider the following error message that usually occurs while opening an image file in MS Windows Photo Gallery:

Photo Gallery can’t open this picture or video. The file appears to be damaged, corrupted or is too large.”

The above error message occurs with all the image files, however, you can still see the file thumbnails. Sometimes this problem appears even after the file was opened properly earlier. At this point, you need to use JPG repair solutions to get your images back.

Grounds of the issue:

This problem frequently occurs if the TEMP folder is missing, corrupted, or damaged. Windows Photo Viewer requires Temp folder to open images. You may also face this problem due to corruption to the image files.


You can fix TEMP folder problem using the following steps:

  • Select computer properties from Start menu.
  • Click on Advanced system settings on the properties window.
  • Select Advanced from the pop up window of System Properties.
  • Click Environment Variables button on System Properties window.
  • Edit TEMP and TMP entries from Environment Variables window.
  • Change the Variable value entry in the second line and reboot your system. 
After the above steps, you should be able to access the images. In case you get the same error, then you need to use third-party recovery tools to repair and restore the damaged images. Such applications are capable of restoring corrupted JPG and JPEG files easily, efficiently, and quickly.

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