Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MOV File Repair to Fix “Error-2048: Couldn’t open the file” Issue

QuickTime is an advanced and feature-rich multimedia player and screen recording application from Apple. It records high-resolution and high-quality screen videos and plays them with excellent sound and picture quality. The core of its video quality lies in the MOV file, which is the default file format for the QuickTime files. This is a very reliable file format, however, sometimes QuickTime player cannot open it due to corruption and you need to use MOV repair solutions to work around the issue.

Sometimes corruption can be identified by the error message. For example, the following error message occurs when you double click an MOV file to play the video:

“Error -2048: Couldn't open the file "filename” because it’s not a file that QuickTime understands.”

After this problem, the file becomes totally inaccessible and you have to go for MOV recovery solutions to extract inaccessible data.

How to fix Error-2048 in QuickTime?

Follow the steps to work around this problem:

  • Make sure all the files have .mov extension. The files should use proper codec. 
  • Download and install the transcode translator to translate the file for opening. 
  • Try to open the translated files in any media player, such as VLC. 
  • Go to File menu in the VLC media player, and select Streaming/Exporting Wizard. 
  • Select the streaming file either from a storage media or from the playlist. 
  • Encode the file in the required file format and save it to desired storage location. 

Once you finish encoding the file, try to open it using the QuickTime media player. The file should open properly.

In case you are not able to open the file, you should try restoring it from an updated backup. The most recent backup of the file is the most efficient method of retrieving inaccessible and lost data from the MOV files.

However, if backup is not updated or available, you should use third-party recovery tools to repair and restore the damaged MOV files. Such tools are capable of extracting inaccessible MOV file using high-end recovery algorithms.

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