Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mac Excel Recovery When It Refuses to Save a Spreadsheet

Are you unable to save a file in Excel for Mac 2011 in Excel 97-2004 format? Do you get errors while saving the file and the file does not even open properly? Such behavior of Excel for Mac application indicates file corruption. You can not access an Excel spreadsheet after corruption and thus data loss occurs. In order to retrieve your precious data in such situations, you have to opt for effective Mac Excel recovery solutions.
For a practical example of this problem with Microsoft Excel for Mac application, consider the following scenarios:
  • You worked on an Excel file and tried to save it. The file refuses to save and gives you the following message:
    “Document not saved”
  • When you click OK button on the dialog box of previous error, the application crashes with the following error:
    “An unexpected error has occurred. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel.”
  • You tried to repair the permissions for MS Excel and your Mac hard drive, but it did not fix the problem.
  • The same problem occurs when you try to Save As document on different location or disk.
  • You copy all the contents of the affected file to new Workbook, but same problem occurs again.
When Excel file behaves this way, all the contents of the file becomes inaccessible and unusable. In order to sort out the problem, you have to find out appropriate Mac Excel repair solution.
The problem usually occurs due to corruption to the file. You can try out the below steps to work around the issue:
  • If you have macros in the file, then you need to save the file in a different file format.
  • Open the file with Apple Numbers and then save it with different name. If the file opens properly, then you can export it to any Excel compatible file format.
  • Repair the corrupted file with the help of advanced recovery applications. The Mac Office repair tools are capable of effectively handling all corruption issues.
These applications work quite smoothly to provide absolute, safe, and quick recovery of your precious data. They do not demand sound technical skills.

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