Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PSD Repair When File Does Not Open Post System Crash

Do you get errors while opening an Adobe PhotoShop or PSD file? Is your PSD file inaccessible after you restore it from back or recover after deletion of the file? PSD file is made up of various components, which are required for the file to open. If any of the PSD file objects is missing, then it may catch corruption and put you in need of PSD repair solutions.
In order to properly understand such situations of PSD file corruption, consider the following scenarios that you may encounter while working on Adobe PhotoShop:
  • You have accidentally deleted some folders, which contained the PSD file. It was normal deletion, not hard disk failure or system malfunction.
  • You managed to recover the lost PSD file either from backup or using a commercial recovery application.
  • PhotoShop does not open the recovered file. Every time you try to open the file, it gives you the below error:
    “There was a problem reading the layer data. Read the composite data instead?”
  • When you choose to click the Read Composite Data option, it gives you further error message that states:
    “Could not open '[file name]' because the file is not compatible with this version of PhotoShop.”
  • If you try to open the same file with any other file viewer, you are greeted with error messages similar to the following ones:
    “This file uses an unsupported blending mode.”
When you encounter this issue, you can not access your precious data and face critical data loss situations. 


Use the following solutions to work around this issue:
  • Make sure you are opening the file in a version of Adobe PhotoShop in which it was created.
  • If the file is shared on the network, then try creating a local copy and then opening it.
If you do not get any luck with the above options, then you can repair PSD file using third-party recovery tools. The applications offer easy, quick, and safe recovery in all corruption scenarios. They do not demand sound technical skills for complete recovery.

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