Friday, March 2, 2012

PowerPoint for Mac Recovery When it Crashes at Startup

There are some situations where Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac may crash and the presentations may become inaccessible. It is also possible that the application gets crashed every time you try to open a particular PPT. This issue usually caused due to corruption to the PowerPoint presentation and leads to data loss. In order to sort out this problem, you have to use advanced Mac PowerPoint recovery solutions.

As an example of such issues with MS PowerPoint for Mac application, you may get the following error message while starting the application or opening a file:

“Microsoft PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

After the above error message, the presentations may become inaccessible and data loss situations occur. To extract data from such presentations, you need to identity the root of this issue and fix it with the help of Mac PowerPoint repair solutions.

Grounds of the issue:

The problem may take place if any one of more of the of the below conditions are true:

  • Preferences of Microsoft PowerPoint application are damaged.
  • Other applications, which are running in background, are faulty or interfering with MS PowerPoint.
  • Your profile or user account is damaged.
  • Installation of Microsoft PowerPoint application is damaged.
  • PowerPoint Presentation that you are trying to open is damaged.


Try out the below mentioned steps to sort out this problem:

  • Quit Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac and remove all the preferences. Then restart the application to check if the issue is fixed.
  • Quit all the applications running in the background one by one and observe which application is causing the problem.
  • Create a new user account and verify if the problem is resolved.
  • Install the latest updates for all Office applications.
  • Reinstall MS Office for Mac application suite.
If this problem is with a particular file and you are facing errors while opening it, then you need to restore the file from backup. In case backup is not available, third-party Mac Office Repair applications come for your help. They help you fix all the issues with MS PowerPoint presentations.

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