Monday, February 27, 2012

SQL Repair to Fix Error 7105 in Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server allows you to include various LOB (Large Object) data types on your database. Such data types help you use multimedia files, such as images. Although these data types are very useful for SQL Server database, however they may prove harmful for the database in some situations. The database page may become inaccessible and lead to data loss. In such cases, you have to go for SQL recovery solutions to get your data back.

As a practical example of the issue with your SQL Server database, you may run across the following message while LOB data referenced by the database page row can’t be retrieved:

“Msg 7105, Level 22, State 6, Line 1
The Database ID 11, Page (255:177), slot 1 for LOB data type node does not exist. This is usually caused by transactions that can read uncommitted data on a data page. Run DBCC CHECKTABLE”

The severity of the error is every high and thus the server terminates the connection. In order to get your data back in such cases, SQL database recovery solutions become need of hour.

Grounds of the issue:

You may face this behavior of SQL Server because of any of the below reasons:

· Some sort of corruption issue is there either within LOB page structures that are referenced to database page or within database page.

· The database query, which is failing to process, is either using NOLOCK query hint or READ UNCOMMITTED ISOLATION LEVEL.

· SQL Server database engine has some issues and thus causing the failure of queries with above mentioned error.


Use any of the following solutions to work around this issue:

· Run DBCC CHECKDB on database or the DBCC CHECKTABLE on affected table.

· Avoid using NOLOCK query hint or READ UNCOMMITTED if DBCC command does not return any error.

· Restore the database from most recent backup. In order to make sure that you do not lose further data, you must have valid and current backup.

If backup is not available and other options are unable to fix the issue, then SQL recovery software come for your rescue. The commercial recovery applications work efficiently in virtually every corruption scenario and extract all corrupted data. They are extremely safe and easy to use.

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