Thursday, February 23, 2012

Entourage Repair If Creating New MUD Folder Does Not Fix the Problem

Microsoft Entourage is a flagship E-mail client from Microsoft for Mac OS X users. This advanced application helps you effectively manage all your emails, contacts, notes, and other data. However, under some situations, the application may not open or crash while working. This behavior is pretty frequent and occurs due to database corruption. It leads to data loss and you have to opt for Entourage database recovery solutions to get your valuable data back.

In a practical scenario of the above problem with the application, you may run across any of the following error messages while using it:

  • The Office database is damaged.
  • Entourage cannot access your data. To try to fix the problem, rebuild database.
  • The action could not be completed. An unknown error (4362) occurred.

When it happens, it makes all your valuable data inaccessible, and you need to recover Entourage database, by fixing this problem, to get your data back.


This problem occurs due to database corruption, as mentioned in the above error messages. After corruption, Entourage can not read the database and it becomes unusable.


There are several possible solutions of this problem, such as rebuilding the Entourage database, as stated in the Error message. However, you can also fix this problem by creating a new Microsoft User Data (MUD) folder. Following are the steps to create MUD folder on your Mac machine:

  • Quit all Mac Office applications, including Office Reminders.
  • Location ‘HD/Users/USER_NAME/Documents’ folder and move to desktop.
  • Launch Microsoft Entourage. It automatically creates a new MUD folder and an Identity.
  • Quit Entourage and locate “HD/Users/USER_NAME/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2008 Identities/IDENTITY_NAME” folder. Rename the database file with new name.
  • Replace database file in newly created MUD folder with database file in previously moved MUD folder.
Start Microsoft Entourage to check if the problem is fixed. This solution works in a number of situations. However, if you are not lucky enough to fix your problem using this solution, then Entourage recovery software are there for you. They help you fix every database corruption problem, nevertheless of the cause and extent of damage.

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