Thursday, February 23, 2012

Word Document Recovery Mac When Application Does Not Work Properly

Microsoft Word is undoubtedly the most widely used word processing application. Almost every computer user uses this application for different tasks, ranging from writing a simple document to complex guide. MS Word is also available for Mac OS X, as a part of Office for Mac Application Suite. However, under some situations, the application may start behaving strangely and make your data unavailable due to corruption. At this point, you need to opt for Mac Word document recovery options.

As an example of some strange issues with Microsoft Word document, the numbering may become incorrect when you add or remove a figure and caption in a document that has captions attached to figures. At the same time, you may also face the following problems:

  • The ‘Update Fields’ option is grayed out when you right click the caption.
  • The ‘Update Fields’ option is not enabled even if you select entire document, using Command + A, and right click anywhere in the document.
  • If you press F9 key, to update whole document, after selecting entire document, it does not make any effect.
  • You have inserted a Table of Figures in the document and updated entire document using F9 key, the Table of Figures is updated but with wrong captions. The problem of wrong captions continuous throughout the document.
  • The document gives errors while opening and sometimes crashes.

This problem sometimes makes your documents unusable and may put you in need of Mac Office repair solutions.


You may run across this behavior of Microsoft Word for Mac application due to any of the following reasons:

  • The preferences of Microsoft Word are corrupted. It can be due to improper system shutdown, application malfunction, or other similar reasons.
  • The Word document itself is corrupted and application is unable to read it.


Try out any of the following solutions to sort out this issue:

  • Start MS Word by holding down the Shift key press. It bypasses your preferences and Normal template.
  • Save document in different format, such as .Doc or RTF.
  • Copy entire content of the document, except paragraph symbol, and paste in new blank document.
  • If you are using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, then try to find a different version of the file on your Mac hard drive.
If all the above methods fail, you have to use commercial recovery applications. Such tools are particularly designed to restore damaged Word document in all cases of corruption. They offer safe recovery for all the Microsoft Word for Mac objects.

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